Frequently Asked Questions

Last modified: March 11, 2018

Who provide the content on the website?

All the content on Netcum is provided by sponsors. Each piece of content available on this website is owned by the corresponding sponsor. All the materials found here are copyrighted to them. We don't allow user's content upload. If the owner of the content remove it from public access, it will automatically disappear from netcum.

Do you produce any content?

No. Netcum is not a producer and will never be. It's main goal is to distribute materials offered by sponsors.

What is a sponsor?

A sponsor is company or individual that own the content and provide it to others to distribute it. They can be the producers, but also they could legally buy content online. They own the copyright on the material or they have consent from the owners.

What if I find something that shouldn't be on the web (copyrighted, illegal, etc)?

We take this kind of issues really seriously.

If you find any copyrighted materials that belong to you and wish us to remove it, please contact us. We will give you informations to contact directly the sponsors who provided us with the content. Note that we do not host content directly and everything removed from public access from sponsors are automatically removed from netcum also.

If you find anything illegal or innapropriate materials that you think should be remove, you can use the "Report" button under each content to report it. Our team will look at it as soon as possible.

If we find that a sponsor is providing illegal content, we will remove every content from them from our website.